Ihr Lieben,

wir haben für Leonard in Ruanda ein Handy spendet bekommen und einen Laptop für 50 Euro gekommen. Beides wurde ihm vom Martin ( ein Freund von Jennifer) letzte Woche in Ruanda übergeben. Leonard hat sich riesig gefreut!
Hier ein Dankeschön-Brief von ihm:

Dearest Jennifer, friends of you and your family,
First of all, I am so very grateful to write you this email with thanking for you and your fellow friends and family member due to your kindness, sympathy and loving hearts!!! You can’t imagine how happy I am at the moment!! It really surprised me!! Thanks for me to your fellow colleague who give me his/ her phone. And thank you for this good laptop!!
I am happy that I am going to start using my own laptop and smartphone after a long time with struggling in my studies due to not having them.
I am going to use them careful and wisely with taking care them in order they would spend a long time. I am going also to use them to increase my knowledge, skills through research.
I am doing well and everything is going well with me in my studies here at Gisenyi.
I thanks Mr. Martin who accepted to bring them to me in person. He took me a picture and I hope he is going to send it to you.
Thank you!!
Stay well and all the best to you in this new year of 2019.
Leonard in Rwanda.“

Newsbeitrag Leonard
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